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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

कुश /कुशा - Halfa Grass !

A Ring of Darbha/Kusha Grass - Halfa grass
कुश /कुशा - Halfa Grass is an important thing in Sanatan Hindu worship. Before starting the puja when a devotee makes himself pure with the sprinkling of water with mantras over himself, he wears a ring of "Kusha" grass in his ring finger of right hand. It is said that worship without wearing a "Kusha" ring is fruitless. One can notice that when we invite a Pundit Ji for Satyanarayan Puja he would bring the "Kusha" ring with him and advise to wear it in the beginning. Even the small mat called "Aasani-आसनी" is taken as most pure that is made of "Kusha" grass. It is advisable to use "Kusha Aasani-कुश आसनी" as a seat during worship. "Kusha Aasani-कुश आसनी" is also used in meditation (Dhyana-ध्यान). Even in Buddhism, it is an accepted fact. Lord Buddha used to meditate sitting on a "Kusha Aasani-कुश आसनी". So it is a holy grass and there are some rules to uproot it even for the purpose of worship.
                 Though it is a perennial herb, it is uprooted only on one day in a year and that too not in an unlimited quantity. It is plucked only up to the need. This one day is the no-moon day in the Hindu Month of "Bhadon" (भाद्रपद अमावस्या). It is also called "Kushgrahani Amawasya". Before uprooting it the devotee sits keeping the grass either to the east or to the North. And also a Mantra is spoken
Viranchina Sahotpanna Parmeshthinnisagarja
Nud Sarvani Ppapani Darbh Swastikaro Bhava |
Hum fat.
"Darbh" in this Mantra is another name for "Kusha" grass. There are many varieties of "Kusha" grass anyone can be used but it should be well shaped. In this year 2016 "Kushgrahani Amawasya" is on 1st September.
                It is said that during the churning of the ocean by Devas and Danavas in Hindu mythology, "Amrita" came out. Both sides wanted it. In the quarrel, a few drops of it fell on the "Kusha" grass, so not only it became long lasting but became holy too.
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